The ARPES intensities of doped graphene. (a) ARPES spectra of maximally doped graphene for different dopants. The black dotted line denotes the ARPES intensity maxima. Upper row: Fermi surfaces and electrons transferred per C atom (values inside the contour). Data are acquired in s-polarization for Ca, Li, Na, Rb, Cs and in p-polarization for K doping. Lower row: ARPES scans along the ΓKM high symmetry direction in the vicinity of K point (at 1.7 Å1), summing the data for s and p polarization. The numbers give the energy of the Dirac points. (b) Iso-area contours for all dopants and magnification along the KM high symmetry direction. (c) High resolution ARPES data in the kink region for KM and ΓK directions measured in p- and s-polarization, respectively. The yellow lines give the bare-particle band structure.