Constant energy cuts of the ARPES intensity for (a) two-domain (Sample A) and (b) single-domain (Sample B) gr/n-Ge(110). Dashed-line hexagons mark the respective hexagonal Brillouin zones of graphene for both samples. CECs are presented for binding energies of 1 eV, 2 eV, and 3 eV and were extracted from the complete 3D data sets of the ARPES intensity. (c) ARPES intensity map presented along the Γ-K1 direction (marked in (a)) of the graphene-derived Brillouin zone of one of the graphene domains in Sample A. The inset of (c) shows the photoemission intensity cut along the direction perpendicular to Γ-K (marked in (b)) for sample B. All ARPES data were collected at T = 100 K with a photon energy of hν = 100 eV.