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Preconfigured Archive Viewers

Useful Archive Viewer Hints (click to show)

Hint 1:

How do I select the index/year to retrieve data from - there's just "Default" as the only option?

You don't need to!!! And that's good news ;-)

The Archiver Appliance does not need an index to be specified, but has all data available as "the" archive.

So queries covering several years are now easily possible (but may take time - depending on the amount of data to be processed).

Also, the "current week" archives are no longer needed, since all data is more or less instantaneously available.

Hint 2:

Do I need to start another instance to query data from another archive?

No, you may switch archives any time from within the runnning application by selecting New Connection from the File menu!

Hint 3:

How do I convert saved configuration files to use another archive?

  1. Load the file that you want to convert
  2. Select New Connection from the File menu and select the appropriate new archive to use
  3. Select/highlight all PVs in your list and select Assign Selected Archive from the Tools menu
  4. Save your configuration

Web-QuickViewer (and -StripTool!) for Archiver Appliance data

Archiver Appliance data retrieval API

For scripted/programmed queries to the Archiver Appliances, there are callable API-functions for as well the retrieval-API as the mgmt-API. mgmt-API functions are restrichted to a nin-destructive subset of functions.
The entry-point-URLs of the four running instances are:

click to show entry-point-URLs
generic: URL=http:///BESSY/retrieval/
direct: URL=
generic: URL=http:///FASTZC/retrieval/
direct: URL=
generic: URL=http:///MLS/retrieval/
direct: URL=
generic: URL=http:///BPRO/retrieval/
direct: URL=
To access the management interface, simply replace /retrieval/ with /mgmt/.
Query-URLs are constructed as $URL/data/... or $URL/bpl/... (click to show examples)

See EPICS Archiver Appliance User Guide for details.

CS-Studio / phoebus

Here you can download pre-compiled and -configured binaries of the current phoebus-release.

CSS/phoebus is currently version 4.6.6, but still under construction.
It will be updated frequently!
Updates will be checked for automatically and ask for download and installation.

Feel free to download it, unzip it and run the application (you may though need to adapt the packaged start-script/batch file). HZB-Archivers are pre-configured and schould be instantly usable, once you open the Data Browser (menu Applications / Display / Data Browser), then right-click in the plot-window and select Open Archive Search Panel.

At least Java 11 is required to run Phoebus!!!
If necessary, download and install a recent JDK from here.

Form-based CGI-interface to Archived Data
(currently Channel Archiver data only!)

This is a web-form, that provides a simple way to access archived data. It does of course access the identical data-archives accessed by the Java-Application mentioned above - although currently for Channel Archiver data only.

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